Moonshine is an acoustic ensemble playing pop, blues, folk, and original songs. From Lady Gaga to Shinedown to Muddy Waters to Joni Mitchell….you’ll know the songs, but you’ve never heard them this way before. Moonshine isn’t afraid to play anything!

Featuring the hauntingly beautiful voice and incredible creativity and versatility of singer-songwriter Margie Dziadzka, Moonshine radiates energy from the tension and synergy between a classically trained cellist, a rock oriented guitarist, a cool cat on upright bass, and a rootsy percussionist/blues harp player.

Moonshine is:

In addition to a variety of coffee houses, cafés, restaurants, and bars around the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Moonshine can be found shedding its light at music festivals, the stages and filking circles of science fiction conventions, open mics, and private events.

Former members: