Inderjeet Sidhu


Inderjeet Sidhu has been playing hand percussion and drums for over 30 years.

Inderjeet started his quest to involve himself physically and spiritually with the rhythms that surrounded his world at an early age. While not yet in high school, Inderjeet traveled to India to study Indian Classical music and Sikh Kirtan music with Sudhir Kushal, one of India’s most educated and learned musicians.

When he returned to the USA, Inderjeet studied tabla with Ustad Allah Rakha (Ravi Shankar’s Tabla player) and Allah Rakah’s son, Ustad Zakir Hussain. Learning from two generations of the world’s most famous Indian classical tabla musicians, Inderjeet then took lessons with Pat Metheny’s drummer Paul Wertico. With this incredible arsenal of musical ideas, Inderjeet started to incorporate eastern and western styles of music while drumming with rock and jazz bands throughout Chicagoland.

He then started teaching all aspects of poly-rhythmic theory and time-signature definition to all percussionists from all parts of the world. In 1996, he was invited to play with at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Inderjeet Sidhu holds several degrees including a Masters from the University of West Florida.