Jim Multra

Cello and Vocals

Jim and his cello have become indispensable to Moonshine! Jim adds soaring melodies and a touch of classically trained discipline to our arrangements. His rock solid vocal harmonies give our sound polish and depth. We’ve very lucky to have him!

Jim began playing cello in 4th grade, and has loved music of all types for his entire life.  Some of his earliest cherished memories were Pachelbel’s Canon in the school orchestra, singing around the campfire with his family, and helping to lead the music at church.  Up through the symphony at the University of Illinois, he has continued to seek out groups that love life and celebrate music.

Jim’s musical heroes range from classical (Yo Yo Ma, Tchaikovsky), folk (Great Big Sea) and an eclectic mix of other artists (Chicago, Simon and Garfunkel, The Piano Guys) which, when combined, make him a perfect fit for Moonshine.

Most recently, he’s enjoyed learning about and performing music from earlier eras, like the 1860’s, which helps him bring history and literature alive for his 8th graders at Lake Zurich Middle School North, where he teaches.