Margie Dziadzka

Vocals and Guitar

margie-bioMargie writes and performs her own music, and plays traditional Irish, English, and American folk music and a wide selection of popular cover songs. A pinch of classical guitar, a dash of Flamenco technique, and a vocal range of over three octaves enable her to arrange music with a richness and complexity that enchants audiences.

Margie’s performances are as eclectic and unique as her interests. A passion for nature, space exploration, and storycraft informs her choice of songs and original lyrics. Influences include Joan Baez, Kate Bush, Sting, Eva Cassidy, Elton John, old blues, and the contemporary acoustic folk-pop revival.

margie-bio-1It is said that Margie sang before she talked, and as soon as she could walk she tried to dance. Being surrounded by a close extended family of artists, musicians and dancers immersed her in creativity from the start. Free time was often spent singing around the piano with family and friends. During her teens, Margie (then Jackson) was constantly on theater stages alongside her brother, sister, and parents–Palatine’s own “Von Trapp” family, the “Jackson Five”.

The first thing Margie packed on her way to Illinois Wesleyan University was the guitar she chose over a pearl necklace as her high school graduation present. There she designed her own program of study which combined voice, music composition, and dance. While her assigned singing emphasized opera and French art songs, evenings were spent entertaining friends with selections from a Joan Baez songbook “liberated” from Mom.


Photo credit: Doreen Wackerfuss

Now, adding to a long and successful career as a choreographer, dance instructor, and the artistic director of her own Flamenco dance company, Margie is finally coming out of hiding as a singer and songwriter.

Lately, she has delighted fans and newcomers alike at coffee houses, cafés, bars, park district events, the Fox Valley Folk Festival, the Lake County Folk Club, Amy Beth and Friends in Woodstock, open mics, song circles, and science fiction conventions while performing either solo or with her new project, Moonshine.