Pete Dziadzka


Pete “I’d rather be playing hair metal” Dziadzka is the husband of aggrieved but indulgent band leader Margie Dziadzka. His steel string strumming and improvised melodic playing support and add even more variety and interest to Margie’s already versatile and eclectic arrangements.

Influences include Gary Moore, Steve Blaze, Joe Satriani, and Christopher Parkening….now just how did that happen?

Pete’s early days are remembered with one ear constantly glued to a tinny AM transistor radio beaming out AOR and country songs….but the parents adored baroque music and both cousins in Germany were accomplished classical guitarists. pete-bio-1Inevitably Pete started out on classical guitar at age nine. He played in front of his first large audience the same year with a mix of terror and elation, but interest dwindled.

High school brought back the earlier fascination for groups like Styx, Journey and Rush, but it was the Scorpions MTV video for Rock You Like a Hurricane that ruined Pete for life.  Yes, that one. Complete with the band playing in a wobbly cage while menaced by dozens of gals in eighties garb and face paint. You can’t beat that with a stick.

Flipping through the Illinois Entertainer led to many, uh,wasted nights at the Thirsty Whale. Electric guitars, amps, hearing damage, and even a summer session at MusicTech (now the McNally Smith College of Music) followed. pete-bio-2We shall say that Pete tried. Really hard.

But it was the classical guitar that brought him together with Margie, his eventual wife and band mate.

In addition to Moonshine, he sometimes plays Spanish classical guitar during intermissions for Margie’s Flamenco Expresivo dance company. He intends to rediscover his hard rock roots and start a new band any day now. Really.

Of late, Pete has been….wait for it….moonlighting with the roots rock band Nothing Personal.